Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Samples and Pictures

I have been making a wall hanging as a sample to show off the use of pre-cut circles. Unfortunately not the best of photos but sufficient that the overall design can be seen. I still have to attach silver braid round the circles and do some quilting but I am finding it fun to do and enjoying stitching again. Below is a close up of the hanging circles at the bottom. I used wired ribbon to hang them from and backed them as well so that they were stiff enough to stand up and not flop around. 

Below are a few pictures from the day out at Kennack Sands on Sunday. The waves were quite strong and really very magnificent. The bottom picture is of the estuary of the creek at St Anthony in Meneage which leads into the Helford. It was a lovely sunny day and once out of the wind quite idyllic! 

Tomorrow I have a class in the morning so will have to be organised for it. I'm going to do woven fat quarters with applique and think it will be fun!

Sometimes I wonder if I am talking to myself and wonder what one has to do to illicit comments. It would be nice to know what other people think!

Monday, May 23, 2011

At Last!

Finally I have been able to get the website finished! I have learnt a lot while updating and putting the payment pages on so in many ways it has been a good learning curve. I didn't realise when I started how by putting a shopping cart on and organising card payments what a tangled web I was weaving. But it is all sorted out now and checked and according to my computing guru it is all tickety boo! Well I hope so! So now I can concentrate on doing some actual sewing!

I have been planning some new patterns to sell and making samples for them but this has had to take a back seat to the web building. Now at last I can get going with some real work!

For my birthday Graeme has got tickets to go to a Kaffe Fasset lecture at the Falmouth Pavilion. I'm really looking forward to this, especially as I know I'll run into lots of quilters I know there. Some of Kaffe Fasset's work is just gorgeous and I like his use of colour.

We went to Kennack Sands at the weekend down on the Lizard and it was lovely. The sun shone but the wind was very strong. Lovely when walking on the cliff path with the wind at one's back but quite daunting on the return trip with it in one's face. Was delighted to see a small silver lizard which ran across the path in front of me as well as loads of butterflies. Took lots of pictures but of course I don't have them with me. Later!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being busy!

I have spent a lot of the last few weeks looking for things I've lost and finding other things that I'd forgotten I'd got! The annoying thing is that I know exactly where the things I've lost are but only if I hadn't moved the rooms around! 

This crazy patchwork block is one that got lost in a Round Robin. I made it about eight years ago just after my grandson Oscar died at the age of nine months. The dark semi circle to represent the death but the colours above to show that one could go on and that one still had all the memories. Unfortunately it just disappeared somewhere in the US! Should anyone find it unexpectedly ...well it belongs to me!

The sketch above is a table runner I want to make. It is just an idea and needs working on but having now found this sketch I will make sure it gets used! And another sketch that I want to expand and use is the one below. I had an idea for using moon shapes with overlays of chiffon or net. Well all I need is time!

I have a dozen fruit blocks like the one of gooseberries below which I had forgotten I'd got! They need to be made into a quilt! I have apples, pears, plums, peaches, oranges, lemons; to name but a few plus twisting strawberry blocks to link them! Again it's all down to time!

With the above blocks was this odd piece of printed fabric. It is so long ago since I did it that I have forgotten why I did it. Perhaps I was just playing! But now I've found it I'm sure I'll be able to find some use for it! It's good to play occasionally as sometimes really useful things emerge! 

However in spite of the fun of finding hidden treasures I still haven't found the pieces of fabric that I was looking for or the notes and handouts that I need for my next class which means I'll have to start from scratch! I bet they turn up the week after the class!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everything in the garden is lovely!

I bought this yellow rose about three years ago and it took a long time to get established. For the first year I had to water it daily and it looked as if it wouldn't make it. However last year it had three roses on it! But this year it has gone mad. It is lovely and looks a real picture. I was afraid it was going to be over when I came back from the honeymoon but it is still blooming and has lots of buds coming on! It was meant to be a scented rose but although it has a bit of a smell it isn't what I would call scented! 

The blooms are really large. The buds start off looking orangey but then become a brilliant yellow as they mature.

With the Clematis right next to them they make a pretty picture together. I will have to watch that the Clematis doesn't rampage through the roses!

The for-get-me-nots are still going strong and hopefully will seed themselves for next year. They have provided loads of colour in the garden since February! I have planted a new blackcurrant under the clematis called Big Ben and it is supposed to have enormous berries! The Rosemary is very happy where it is next to the rose and has grown considerably. In front of it there is a Lovage plant. I have to keep chopping this down as it grows out of control. Apparently placing some lovage leaves in ones shoes makes one feet feel and 'smell' better! :-)

This is a close up of the Clematis.