Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last table runner to be made! By this time I'd done away with the binding which required hand stitching! No time!  Posted by Picasa

The first table runner I made. They were all similar but used different fabrics. Some hand-dyes plus some batiks.  Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all! May 2007 bring Peace and Joy to everyone, everywhere!

Christmas week seems to have come and gone in a total rush. The run up to Christmas was hectic, especially as I thought it would be a nice idea to make some of my presents. So I ended up making 13 table runners and a set of place mats! As Christmas Day fast approached I did wonder if I'd had a mental breakdown in making all this work for myself at what is normally a busy time anyway. But I got them all done and even made half a dozen coasters to go with the place mats. There's dedication!
The best part of Christmas was knowing that soon the house would be ours. I have such plans! It will be wonderful to get rid of the old carpet in the living room and put down parquet flooring running through into the dining area in the kitchen. So much better when I have students here for mini workshops as it will be easier to mop up spills and generally clear up fabric scraps and threads. Also I have plans to move my computer into the spare bedroom and for this purpose I have bought a computer cabinet with locking doors. Most necessary to keep the grand kids out when they visit, especially young Fred who has great potential as a demolition expert! This will free up lots of space which is always useful. I've also been very very good at clearing out and getting rid of unwanted stuff which has meant that I can get most of my sewing stuff into my workroom. I'm even using the wardrobe in the spare room to hang my winter coats. Something I haven't been able to do in all the fourteen years since we came here! Wonders will never cease. And I am feeling so much more enthusiastic generally. I'm even going to use some very expensive fabric I found during the clear out to make a jacket! There is a story behind the very expensive fabric! A few years ago when I used to make most of my clothing my friend Sue and I decided that we were only going to buy good quality fabric regardless of how much it cost. Because good quality fabric hung better, looked better and was a joy to work with. So we bought several pieces of lovely fabrics; tweeds, wool crepe, silks, etc. Very little of this fabric got made up because it was so wonderful that we didn't want to waste it on making something mundane and in my case I was always waiting until I'd lost the odd pound or two or more of surplus flesh. Well this never happened and the fabric just sat there. But now I am determined to use it regardless of my size or my inclinations. It won't be any more of a waste than just letting it continue to sit there and get crease marks! So the first effort will be a jacket and possibly a skirt if there is enough fabric.
Roll on 2007 for the new me! It is going to be my year as it is all 9's! Don't ask!

Again, have a Very Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas

I've been a very bad blogger this last half of 2006 but I will be better in 2007 I promise. Things can only get better. We are buying our house thanks to my very generous sister and it is going to be a wonderful Christmas. For a while I was getting quite worried that we were going to end up homeless but its all tickety boo now.

So have a super great time with lots of fun and enjoy your families!