Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I made a small bag for my great niece for an Easter present and put some small Easter eggs in it.Photo of similar bag done earlier. I didn't take a picture of the actual bag I made for Milly! Silly of me! Then filled with enthusiasm for making bags I made a tote bag using a couple of our own hand-dyed fat quarters. I picked two which had swirly mandala type patterns on them and then quilted on the swirls. I used a 4oz wadding for firmness and lined the bag with a hand-dyed piece of blue cotton. Pockets on the inside, sewn corners at the bottom to give a square base, a couple of straps long enough to go over the shoulder and hey presto it was done.  It is so lovely that I want to use it myself but it is intended as a sample to go in an advert and then to use at exhibitions to show folk what they can do with a whole FQ. So many people say 'what can I do with it as I don't want to cut it up'. Well there's one idea!

These are various mandala type fabrics we have dyed.

The bag below is a pattern that is useful for using rectangular pieces. I used a piece of cotton on which I sewn stitch patterns from my sewing machine. A good way to remind myself of the stitches on my machine!