Monday, November 12, 2012

I meant to be so good!

 Firstly apologies to Diana. Diana I don't have an enlargement of the flower quilt and I haven't done any more on it but when I do I'll post it! 
 I was going to be so good and keep the blog up to date but sadly I haven't. In my defence I have just been so busy. Firstly making bags; lots of bags, and then making Christmas things including the crazy patchwork stocking below. I had great fun making this even though I had great difficulty in sourcing the fur fabric around the top. But in the end I found just what I wanted.

I also made some felt stockings with silk ribbon embroidery. Quick and easy to do. They will look great hanging on the tree!

I had a Christmas themed crazy patchwork block which I turned into a cushion. It looks lovely and I am sure I will use it all year!

This is the newest shape pack. It was such fun to do! It will look great at Christmas hanging on the wall! I love making appliqué pictures like this. I know this is a bit clichéd it is for Christmas after all! 

And before Christmas struck I was busy making bags. Lots of bags. Some of which I've shown below. The grab bag is lovely but not so useful as the tote bag! Lovely for using appliqué shapes on and I made two sizes. The tote bags will remain my favourites though as they are great to practice quilting on. The one below has quilted feathers on the dyed stripes on the fabric.

The next projects will be small quilts which I want to make patterns for. However I am going to Scotland this weekend for my son's wedding so they will have to wait! Hasta la vista!