Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time is flying by!

I have spent the last two weeks dyeing threads. I had forgotten what a long winded process this is! Most of the threads come on skeins which have to be wound into smaller skeins before they can be dyed. When I am doing a multi-dye then I dye the whole of a large skein but when I want lots of colours then I need lots of smaller skeins. Each dyed skein then needs lots and lots of rinsing to make sure all the dye is out and then when dry needs to be twisted into a smaller skein and added to the relevant pack! But I have to say that the packs look really good and yummy! While I am doing all this Graeme has been dyeing the fabric and making a really good job of it! There are now only five weeks before the show so lots to be done! 

I was really pleased with the advert in Patchwork and Quilting as we had a whole half page and it was beautifully set out. Now one just has to hope that the orders will come in! 

We walked into town this afternoon to go to Trago's and buy a few bits and pieces. Amongst which a small guillotine to cut up paper. I have been cutting backing papers up with scissors but this is so much neater!  On the way back we stopped at the Gylly Cafe for a latte and a brownie and to our amazement there were lots of young people in swimming! Not in wet suits but in normal bathing suits! Brrr! I shan't brave the water until April 1st!