Friday, March 23, 2012

Kits and Bias Binding!

I have been putting together kits for the silk ribbon neck purses and they use a lot, and I mean a serious amount, of bias binding! However my trusty Simplicity bias binding maker has come into its own and this morning I was able to make about 30 metres of bias binding in two goes useing the continuous strip method. This makes making bias binding a piece of cake! Mind you it took me a couple of hours to get the strips ready to run through the machine and then wind up the resulting bias binding into rolls! But I'm not complaining as before to make this amount would have taken me half a day at least! So £69 well spent! It is definitely going to earn it's keep! A tip if you are going to use the continuous strip method. It is very important that the first cut off is at an exact 45 degree angle and that the markings from then on are very exact. Otherwise, when matching up the edges to sew, the lines don't match. If anyone would like a tutorial on this I would be happy to oblige when I come back from Exeter. It certainly beats joining lots of strips together!

So this weekend will be a mammoth dyeing session of silk ribbon. I am leaving the dyeing of the fabric to Graeme who has become very good at this! I might do a pastel colour wheel run but only if I have time from the silk ribbon dyeing.

The next project is going to be silk ribbon cards! Mainly because I have loads of cards from a project from years back and need to find something to use them on. They are the kind that have three folds and one puts textile work behind a cut out frame.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Neck Purses

I've been having fun designing neck purses to make into kits. The basic fabric is silk noil and the bias is some of our own hand-dyed cotton plus our hand-dyed silk ribbons. There is something very therapeutic about sitting in front of the fire stitching! I've used a neck purse myself for keeping my glasses in and it is very useful. Much better than pushing them up to the top of my head and then finding my hair is caught up in them.

There are only two and a half weeks left before the Exeter quilting show and I'm beginning to get a bit stressed out with all I have to do! The hanging is nearly finished and when that is posted off I will feel a lot better. 

I was delighted to see that the potatoes I'd planted in buckets a few weeks ago are just breaking through the soil. Now they will need more compost on top of them to encourage them to root more. Also the cuttings I took from the blackcurrant we moved are doing really well! Four more bushes in the making! 

Today some rubbing plates I'd ordered from the US arrived so I will have to try and organise some time to get the Market paint stiks out and try them. So much to do and so little time. How do I find time to go to work!?!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Silk Ribbon

 I am having loads of fun doing silk ribbon work and using some of the beautiful beads I bought recently. At Exeter Quilt Show I shall be doing a class on silk ribbon stitches and I thought I'd start doing some sample pieces. Silk ribbon work is so therapeutic! And it is quick to dye!

I covered these coat hangers some time ago and decorated them with silk ribbon flower sprays. I am now making some more in a similar format. They make wonderful gifts and with Mothering Sunday coming up what could be better! 

I am going to make small notebook covers too as they are quick and easy to do! 

This small spray of buds and a rose was also quick to do and I will finish it by attaching the fabric to a brooch pin so it can be worn on a lapel! I really love doing this!