Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This was taken last night. There was a really bright moon and it all looked quite ethereal! For some reason it reminded me of a Thomas Kincaid picture! It is quite cold now and beginning to freeze. I'm glad I'm home in front of a roaring fire; and glad I've been to Asda and bought enough food for a siege! Now will I have enough books from the library to keep me going? Well I can always fall back on Sudoko if I'm stuck. It's too cold to go and sew as I am too mean to run the central heating all the time! But I could knit! Now there's a thought!


Eventually I got around to trying to copy the Husqvarna instruction video and wasn't that a big mistake! Now this is a twenty plus year old VHS tape I am trying to copy and I haven't viewed it in at least fourteen years! It was fuzzy! Well actually that is an understatement! It was completely unviewable save for the first chapter on setting up the machine. If I don't know how to set the machine up after twenty odd years then I am more of an idiot than I imagined! So it was a wasted effort and what was worse it completely wrecked my Mum's recorder. Which we didn't realise until she came to record one of her weekly programs. She was not happy! However my husband rode to the rescue and the machine is now all hunky dory and working well but it has put me off trying any more videos for the time being. I'm really sad about my Husqvarna video as it had some good motivational stuff on it using pictograms as well as the basic instructions. Ah well - win some, lose some!
No pictures as I'm at work typing this. I had to walk in as we had four inches of snow last night and there was no way my car was going to make it up the hill. Very slippy under foot too! I'm doing an early shift so as to get home before everything starts icing up again. For those international readers of this blog I have to tell you that Britain comes to a full stop when it snows. Trains, planes and buses don't run; schools close and lots of people can't get into work because of the general chaos! Not like Canada or Norway where life goes on as normal regardless of weather conditions. I can remember when I was first married and living in Devon, where we would get a lot of snow, that we always kept chains to put on the car but I think this preparedness was due to the fact that Martin had lived in Norway for a year where his only mode of transport was across country by ski! Now I am a total wimp and only go out in ice and snow if I absolutely have to! I'm wondering if my daughter and grandchildren will be able to make it down here on Thursday from London. They have had it really bad in the South East. I have taken photos so perhaps I'll be able to post some tomorrow. Falmouth rarely gets masses of snow as it is on the coast and fairly protected. I remember one year in the sixties when I was living in Kent that the whole country was snowed up save for Falmouth! Mind you those living in Falmouth were completely marooned! So really it isn't that bad though I have yet to walk home!