Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We had a great time at Malvern. The best show yet! Now we are home and pleased but exhausted! Sandown will be the next show in June and there is a lot to be done before then. 

We had made our own quilt stands for this show and not having taken measurements of the uprights we ended up with very solid poles, but they worked alright and were very stable! We found that the light to dark sets that we do were very popular and we ran out of several colours. Also the multi coloured half metres went like hot cakes. We must be doing something right!

Carol Howe brought along two pieces of crazy patchwork to show us. She had bought a crazy patchwork kit from us at a previous show and thought we'd like to see what she had done with it. We were delighted as it is always good to see what people do with the stuff they buy. Hopefully we will see more end products! Here are Carol's two blocks. She doesn't know yet what they are going to be. She bought another kit so maybe they will end up in a kit! Lovely work Carol! This particular kit was Fire.

I have an article coming out in Fabrications next month which will be fun! And I am going to write a couple of articles for Patchwork and Quilting magazine. In the meantime I have to make some tote bags using the mandala fabric as the tote bag I had on the stand was won in the draw by Sue Barber. Well done Sue! Thank you to everyone who entered their name and email! We will do another draw at Sandown!

I have a class tomorrow morning and we are going to be making Cathedral Window pin cushions. These are rather lovely and very easy to make! The first one is very ornate being decorated with bead loops and lots of beads at the joins. The second one is plainer but just as effective. And below that is a dolly bag using the secret garden version of Cathedral Window. Someone gave me several squares of brightly coloured satin and they were just what I needed for this pattern. The inside of the dolly bag has pockets all around the bottom so it can be used as a sewing caddy.


Each time I do this workshop I end up with several half finished pincushions. I'm looking forward to actually finishing one tomorrow!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Countdown to Malvern!

We are now getting ready for Malvern which being a four day show necessitates a lot more planning! Why one day should make any difference beats me but it does! I think we are all prepared and ready! I have one bag to finish off tonight after going swimming and then its just a question of getting it all into the van! And then tomorrow stocking up on food!

We have done lots of lovely dyeing with some new pieces which I think are quite lovely. In fact if it weren't that Graeme would stop me I'd be snaffling off a few for my own use! And I've dyed a batch of silk ribbons to add to those we already have. This show the classes are on silk ribbon roses which should be fun! In fact I am really looking forward to it all. We are on stand 102 which is a corner stand if anyone is interested and do look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones! This time I'm going to be running a raffle for anyone who leaves their name and email, the prize being one of my hand-made bags! Please feel free to leave your name and email in the comments section if you want to be included in the draw. The bag in question can be seem a few days back in the blog. It is the mandala one.

So fingers crossed for some fine weather for Wednesday. See you there!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Demise of new Quilting Magazine!

I have just heard of the demise of a new quilting magazine....Modern Quilting. It only managed to put out two copies but they were quite good! I had been approached some months ago to advertise in it and had agreed to do so for a limited time period. Fortunately for me I didn't pay up front but agreed to pay per advert! Having trawled the web I find that the owners of this magazine have a back history of financial difficulties and less than honorable attitudes to paying designers for their contributions. I feel sorry for all those who have lost their samples and haven't been paid! This is not good for the quilting fraternity! Here is a link to more information