Saturday, April 13, 2013

Having a Tidy Up!

 Whenever I change my workroom around I can never find anything! The top picture is how my work room used to look and the bottom two are how it is now! It is a lot more organised but I can't find anything! I need some scrim and I know I have some in several colours including white but it is anyone's guess as to which drawer it has gone into. I love my Ikea cupboards under the worktops with see through drawers but so much stuff is piled into them that it still isn't obvious as to what is in them. Some I labelled! How did I get to be so organised but others I didn't! 


The things that are on the shelves are all very clearly labelled and easy to access as are the books which I have in subject order! This is so useful! Graeme made a large padded board for ironing on which is on one of the worktops and the other worktop has cutting boards on so while he is ironing freshly dyed fabric I can be cutting out and sewing.

If I hadn't got sidetracked looking for scrim I was going to get on and finish this small wall hanging or throw! I wanted to do a piece to showcase the 9 patch block and this seemed an ideal scene. Everything is sewn or attached and I just need to do some free machining to add detail. I do have several UFO's and I am determined to finish them this side of the summer! Hope springs eternal! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Where does the time go to?

We have just come back from doing a show in Exeter and it was jolly cold. The show was good though and I added to my fabric stash. You would think with all the fabric I have that I wouldn't need any more but I am a sucker for Kona Bay fabric!

We did very well and now have to dye lots more fabric and make more packs ready for Malvern next month. I have several UFO's that I want to finish as well so a busy time is ahead of me.

Finally made a pattern with instructions for the crazy patchwork waistcoat and it proved very popular. I have now made several of these waistcoats and they are so easy to make and put together. 

Had classes at the Exeter show in wired ribbon flowers and they went very well. I made some decorative pieces which could be pinned to a bag or with the addition of a brooch pin they would look good on a lapel. 

This is a little bag I've been making to use up scraps of fabric. It looked really good with the addition of a flower!


Another couple of flowers to match the bag! 

 Different flowers; the one with the silver beads is a brooch.

  I'm doing classes on these again at Malvern  which will be good!  They are fun to do and very quick! 

I'm going to make some more of the little bags as they are done in just over an hour from start to finish!