Saturday, June 03, 2017

Walk to Swanpool

 Lots of ducks on the pond 

Very calm water and lovely flowers and ferns growing on the stone walls.

A good view of the graves in the cemetery opposite the pool.

The sea was calm and there was a good view of St Anthony's lighthouse.

A very large tanker out in the bay!

Lots of people on the beach and the huts were in use! Altogether a
most delightful walk with plenty of sun!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

New Beginnings!

I have been really bad about keeping up with the Blog! Very remiss of me but there has been so much going on and a lot of my news and chat gets reported on Facebook anyway! However I am going to try to be more productive on here as well.
 Have just had a really good visit with my son Andrew and daughter in law Mel.It was a short visit but we will be seeing them next week when we go up to Rannoch for our annual holiday in the time share at Loch Rannoch.  Really looking forward to it. A real break even though it is a long journey up there!

Now to get on with some sewing. I have so many unfinished projects so I have planned to finish one a week for the next month. I will take the hand sewing away with me to do in Scotland.  To date I have finished one small lap quilt. I am really pleased with this as it includes photo printed fabric done on the computer which merges really well with the commercial flower prints and the hand dyes that I have used with it!  I love leaves and any excuse to add some leaves! :-)