Friday, January 12, 2007


Suddenly we are nearly half way through January. Where did the time go? Before we know it half the year will have gone. I find this frightening the way time slips by like a thief in the night without my awareness or participation even. What have I done in these first two weeks of the new year? Where have I been? What have I said? The time has gone and I haven't missed it so from now on I am going to be much more aware of what I am doing each minute of the day. I'm going to make time work for me rather than the other way around and I won't waste it. I want to be able to look back and feel that I have achieved and been fulfilled. Not much to ask is it?
Just to put the record straight let me explain about my house. Firstly thank you to all who wrote and sent their best wishes. I did appreciate them. Secondly let me bring you all up to date. To quickly re-cap - we were renting this house and the tenancy was due for renewal in April of this year but the landlords didn't want to renew. They were happy to sell to us but wanted too much money. However with help from the family we have been able to buy this house that we are living in now. Which is great as it means I will still be only four days away from my aged mother. So good for her and good for me. I won't have to pack up and physically move stuff and I won't have the exhausting task of finding a new house, changing my telephone number, moving my internet access or any of the other hundred and one things that actually moving entails. So altogether things are looking up. And once we have signed on the dotted line I have such plans for this place! At the moment it just seems as if I am shelling out money at the rate of knots for all the extras that go with buying property such as land registry, mining searches, solicitors fees, etc, etc.
Today was the first day of the Spring term and I had a good sized class which is always pleasing. I am now back into the routine of doing hand-outs, making samples etc. With Tuesday morning workshops every other week as well I am going to be busy but I am determined to also get some of my own work done though I'm only going to do things I really want to do. Having had such a big clear out before Christmas I am now able to actually see what I've got and get at it easily. This is such a boon. I have one big project on but I can't tell you what it is as it is to be a surprise and I never know whether any of my family read this blog. I also want to do something with circles. I've been mulling over some ideas and making rough drawings in my sketch book. I have always been fascinated by water and like the idea of ripples spreading out so that is probably where I'll start from. Also making use of oil pastels and crayons on fabric to get different effects. This weekend I have to do some foundation pieced samples for a workshop but next week if I can steal a morning I will get started. I do find that I work better and get more done if I start in the mornings. This is why it is ideal that my part-time job is in the afternoons. Once something is started I'm always happy to continue into the evening but I find it hard to start something after midday! I think my biggest problem is that I'm basically lazy! I'm not 'driven' enough which is probably why I'm not rich and famous! LOL

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