Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Demise of new Quilting Magazine!

I have just heard of the demise of a new quilting magazine....Modern Quilting. It only managed to put out two copies but they were quite good! I had been approached some months ago to advertise in it and had agreed to do so for a limited time period. Fortunately for me I didn't pay up front but agreed to pay per advert! Having trawled the web I find that the owners of this magazine have a back history of financial difficulties and less than honorable attitudes to paying designers for their contributions. I feel sorry for all those who have lost their samples and haven't been paid! This is not good for the quilting fraternity! Here is a link to more information


  1. I bought the first edition just to have a look and I thought that it was very well illustrated, but not original enough in content to tempt me to subscribe. I subscribed to Yarn Forward another mag published by this company , which at first did seem to have something different to offer but it didn't last. Given the number of titles this company produced and the amount of work involved and the speed with which they have folded it may be lack of business acumen rather than dishonesty. However, the fact that new companies have been set up so quickly and there seems to be a complete failure to pay so many contributors who are struggling to make a living does make you wonder! I love your blog Valeri so keep the posts coming!

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks re the blog! Time is my biggest problem! We are preparing for Malvern at the moment!