Monday, March 12, 2012

Neck Purses

I've been having fun designing neck purses to make into kits. The basic fabric is silk noil and the bias is some of our own hand-dyed cotton plus our hand-dyed silk ribbons. There is something very therapeutic about sitting in front of the fire stitching! I've used a neck purse myself for keeping my glasses in and it is very useful. Much better than pushing them up to the top of my head and then finding my hair is caught up in them.

There are only two and a half weeks left before the Exeter quilting show and I'm beginning to get a bit stressed out with all I have to do! The hanging is nearly finished and when that is posted off I will feel a lot better. 

I was delighted to see that the potatoes I'd planted in buckets a few weeks ago are just breaking through the soil. Now they will need more compost on top of them to encourage them to root more. Also the cuttings I took from the blackcurrant we moved are doing really well! Four more bushes in the making! 

Today some rubbing plates I'd ordered from the US arrived so I will have to try and organise some time to get the Market paint stiks out and try them. So much to do and so little time. How do I find time to go to work!?!


  1. The little purse is very pretty and functional too. Love it.

  2. Thank you Margaret. The kits are doing well!