Saturday, September 15, 2007

Biting the Bullet!

It is official! I am going to be running my patchwork and quilting classes privately. The increased prices and removal of concessionary fees for OAP's has reduced the number of students in my Adult Education classes and meant that they weren't going to be viable to run. So I have hired a hall one morning a week and will do my own thing. I have had a lot of support from the students and I think it is going to be fun. There is one big blessing which outstrips all others and that is that there will be no more paperwork. No more filling in forms; no more having to attend meetings on diversity and PC; no more having to be treated like a small child by people who haven't a clue about the subject that one is teaching. Oh it will be such a relief! I have been teaching for about 40 years and by now I should know what I am doing. The students think I do anyway and you soon know if you are successful or not. You don't get students returning! I have been thinking about doing this for some time now and I'm glad I've finally been pushed into doing it.
The decorating is coming on...slowly! Isn't that always the way. One starts in a flurry of enthusiasm which slowly dies away! Well I'm still enthusiastic but Martin is having to divide his time between his car and the spare room! The car is winning at the moment! At least with no spare room I'm spared the influx of various members of my family! :-) I love seeing them really it's just that I am so busy right now! Though I am thinking of giving guided tours of my pink bathroom! The number of people who have mentioned a visit after seeing my pictures is encouraging. The pink obviously isn't that off putting!
I'm off to dye now. My four year old grand-daughter, Fenella, has given me a wonderful idea for dyeing which I am dying to try out! Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings....
If it works I'll have some pictures.


  1. Hope you will get a lot of students. I know you are a great teacher.
    How many people ahead of me for the guided tour?

  2. Good luck with your classes I'm sure they will be a great success.

  3. You can't have been teaching for 40 years, you look far too young. Love the pink bathroom! And best wishes for the classes, I'm sure they'll go well.

  4. Yippee, Val !! I am so pleased for you that you'll be able to do it your way, and have more time for enjoying the process. Your decorating is coming along quite well too. Looking forward to seeing the dye pictures. I picked up some water softener yesterday so maybe now I can get the results I used to get with my dyes. I'll let you know.

  5. That sounds like good news Val. No more red tape. Hope it goes well and you all have fun teaching and learning.

  6. Enjoy the freedom of doing your own thing on the teaching front Val. Nothing like it! BTW I love the pink bathroom. I'm in the process of having alterations done.

  7. PINK! is MY fave. colour too! (I know, allegedly, its thought to be either BLACK/NAVY/GREY! lol!)
    yayy! perhaps I should move in? I could sign for your classes too!

    I wonder if you could be enticed to do something yummy and scrummy with yarn in the colouring department!?

    this is my *passion* at the moment! I've been carrying my latest skein of hand painted Araucania around all morning and can't BEAR to put it down!

    My first session at college last week was ALL paperwork, firedrills, and rules and it took me 15MINS to fill out my registration form!

    Loads of luck with the new courses and don't forget to charge suitably for your TIME and EXPERTISE!

  8. Ooh, what fun, giving your very own classes, with no one else telling you what you can and can't do. Especially when you really want to do something, and are told, "Sorry, no." Now you can be creative and guideline-free!

    And I lovelovelove that pink!