Sunday, June 07, 2009

Garden Inspired Dyeing

Thank you Sue and Shirley for your comments. I have to admit Shirley that it does take up my time! But I have been doing some more much needed dyeing!

And with my addiction to gardening showing no signs of abating I decided to do some dyeing using colours inspired by my garden. I have put a collage of some of them above. The top left above is inspired by my flower beds and flower filled pots. The top right is also of the flower beds but with the green of the overhanging trees and the sky peeking through. Bottom left is the messy area in my garden with twigs and weeds and leaves. And the last one is hydrangea and rhodendron overhanging the bird bath. You have to have a lot of imagination but these are the things I was thinking of as I was dyeing. It was fun and I was pleased with the results!
I have finished the baby quilt but can't post pictures until it has been received by it's new owner. So in a day or two!


  1. Very lovely and inspiring colours.

    I have never died (!) but I used to weave. (Still would if I had the money for a loom and space to put it in!)


  2. The hydrangea hanging over the birdbath is beautiful. I think you captured the essence of a garden with these pieces.

  3. The colours are so beautiful and how good that they are inspired by your garden.

  4. I love these garden pieces! Just discovered your blog through Rowena's - I'll be back.