Friday, January 07, 2011

A Fresh Page and another Year

Already the first week of the New Year is nearly over. I have done nothing! Christmas was good and then I got the dreaded flu! What a waste! I was going to do so much over Christmas and the first few days of the New Year but instead I just sat around feeling sorry for myself, constantly sneezing and feeling as limp as last summer's lettuce!

Today was my first quilting class for this term and I had half a dozen students turn up. The others were down with ...flu! But it was a good class in our new venue at Falmouth Rugby Club. There was lots of space and it was light and warm. This term we are doing a row by row quilt which I had hoped to have finished over the Christmas break but hadn't due to the afore mentioned illness. However I had planned the quilt using EQ6 so was able to give everyone a handout which with what I had sewn at least gave them an idea of what they were letting themselves in for! In fact the first class went really well and we all had fun. I now have to finish the quilt and then I'll post some pictures. 

There are ten weeks before our first venture into the world of exhibiting! Ten weeks in which to dye enough fabric; put together enough kits; have lots of good ideas and put them into practice and also to get more and more nervous as the end of March gets nearer and nearer! I'm sure we will manage. Well I hope so! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 

The above is a book that I have found most useful and I am going to re-read it and put it's words of wisdom into practise this year. I can thoroughly recommend it! It staves off procrastination. Something I am very guilty of!

I will also start dyeing threads and ribbons and not keep putting it off for yet another day!

A belated Happy New Year to all.  

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