Monday, May 06, 2013

Getting ready for Malvern!

We had a great time at Exeter quilt show and sold out of so much stuff that we have been busy every since. I did classes in making wired ribbon flowers there and they were really popular! So I decided to do a kit of the stripey bag I'd used as a background for the flowers and also include ribbon for making an attached flower. I'm hoping they will go well! I have done several colours and it was great fun choosing the various fabrics. They are very individual with only two or three in the same colours. 

I am going to bite the bullet and make a Facebook page for the business. I've been thinking about it for ages but been put off by the work involved. I will have to be much better at keeping it updated regularly! But we are doing the NEC this year and I think it will be good advertising! 

It was our second wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and we took the van and went to Looe for the weekend. The weather was lovely and we had a longish walk to Seaton. It was distressing to see the dead sea birds but obviously not as many as there had been. Also due to the cliff falls much of the cliff pathway was closed. We even saw a fish in a small stream running into the sea! 

I'm looking forward to going to Malvern as I think it is my favourite show of the year. We are able to camp on site and usually the weather is good so fingers crossed! And it's good to meet up with old friends. So see you there!  

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