Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I love leaves and I love autumn leaves especially. Our neighbour has a flowering cherry whose leaves turn lovely shades of pink and red in the autumn and today the wind blew a great swathe of them over our lawn. That was the moment I decided to play. I already had some Virginia Creeper leaves and some variegated, possibly a kind of laurel, leaves so these were just right to fit in with them. They would be ideal for using as templates for some leaf appliqu├ęs. I already had a base made from some over-dyed and stamped fabric which I had woven together. The colours were just right. I then started to use pens, fabric crayons, pastels and felt tip pens to shade in some leaf shapes. Unfortunately I ran out of time before I'd really got started but I have left it all out so that I can do more tomorrow. I have done leaf collages before; several times! This time I shall try and have a new approach, if possible. But I never get tired of using leaves in my work. They seem to call to me! I shall go away and ponder the layout ready for a session tomorrow after I have been to a sale of fabric which our local mobile shop is having not far way. These people really need every support! Well that's my excuse!
To be continued......


  1. Fabo! I don't feel such a NINNY now for lurking on bended knee in a strangers front garden taking close up shots of her foliage! lol!! its what to DO with it though to turn it INTO something!
    I wish I were closer, geographically, for some lessons!

  2. I love autumn leaves, too. When my kids were little, we used to go out and try to find the very first fall leaf on the ground, and then hang it somewhere. I still do that, even if it's only for myself! Can't wait to see what you do with all your beautiful leaves!

  3. Mine, when they were younger, used to collect conkers, I'm still looking out for a nice shiny good strong one even now! (I love your penguins btw!)

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  5. Lovely, Valeri - please blog more often!