Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I have just had a nasty bout of glandular fever. At one stage when my glands under my jaw were swollen up I had a quite close resemblance to a hamster! It wasn't a pretty sight. The result of all this is that I now feel quite tired all the time. It took me an age to walk up Falmouth High Street this morning and I did wonder whether I'd make it back to the car. What I need is rest, rest and more rest so I am doing my best to comply by going to bed early and not doing anything strenuous. This is why there has been no progress on the leaves. Sorry! And I am decidedly lacking in enthusiasm for anything. Also this is why I haven't been blogging as often Shirley but I will try and make more of an effort. And sorry Sue but I just don't feel inclined to be tagged. The effort involved is just more than I want at the moment. If all you wanted were seven unknown things about me then I might manage that but to find other people and follow up...well just thinking about it has made me tired! I'm sorry to be a kill joy!
On Monday I went with a group of my students to visit the studios of Atlantic FM which is one of our local radio stations. The setting was idyllic. Right on the headland at Wheal Kitty, St Agnes. Just a short visit but interesting. They were kind enough to do a short spot for me about my new venture into teaching my own classes as opposed to Adult Education classes. So when we were invited to visit I felt it would be rude not to take up the invitation. It was well worth it even though I got lost on the way there and had to reverse several times! They have the original Gus Honeybuns who will mean nothing to the majority of you but for anyone who is Cornish or lived here in the eighties he was a puppet that had a large following of under fives on Westward Television (now defunct!). I managed to get a photo! Also some photos of old mine houses and the bay at Trevaunance Cove. This is very much a tin mining area.

View from the studio over the bay. There is a chimney stack from an old mine in the foreground. The whole of this area would be a mass of tunnels underground.

View of an old mine house, now a ruin. Notice the chimney stack behind the engine house.

Trevaunance Cove

This is Jamie the son of one of my students holding Gus Honeybuns! He is a news reader at the station and gave us the guided tour! Jamie that is, not the rabbit!


  1. No problem Val, re the tag, I've never done one before and have to say I lost the will to copy/paste after 4 or 5 myself!! it IS a bit of fun, but not when you're not well!
    We'll have to rest together, especially if resting is CREATIVE! I'm in the throes of my "gilberts" at the moment myself - you'd think "rest" would be easy! - not!!
    Brill about the radio coverage on your courses too! good opportunity for you, what a shame it came now!
    Take care and hope you feel BETTER soon!!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell and hope you feel a lot, lot better soon.

  3. Val, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. While teaching is both inspirational and sometimes down right fun, it really saps your energy if you are under the weather. Pace yourself for that fabu opportunity on the radio.
    I know you will be better soon.