Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost back to normal!

What is normal? That is the question! Well for me it means not being so tired that half way through doing something I feel as if I'm lifting a ton weight. I never realised that glandular fever could be so debilitating. But I am well on the road to a complete recovery I am happy to say. Thank you to everyone for their good wishes!
I have been reading Gabrielle's blog and was especially struck by her post on what being an artist means to her. I think it was yesterday's post. It made me think about what my creativity means to me. I won't call myself an artist as I am a jack of all trades and if any label were to be applied it would be designer. I like thinking of ways and means of doing things; working out new colour arrangements (I love colour-it is almost my raison d'etre); thinking of new things to make and new ways to get the end result. But I am not compulsive about it all. I suppose one could say that I lack that dedicated driving force that takes the great 'artist' to the top. There is no great burning ambition in my life. As long as I can have my workroom, my tools, fabric and a decent sewing machine then I am happy. In fact I get a lot of satisfaction from just going into my room and looking at things or sitting in the middle of it all and letting my eyes take it all in. This can often galvanise me into starting a new project! There are a lot of things I have in common with Gabrielle's approach especially the bit about self-direction but I am not I'm sorry to say at all focussed. I can be distracted and let my 'art' slip into second or even third place. Books; the garden; the landscape around me (sea and coastline) can all distract me and even though they all represent creativity for me they often take over from the focal point which is what I'm actually making. I can do a lot of thinking but not always a lot of doing. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak as my Granny used to say. I call it Lazy with a capital L! What pulls it all together for me is the teaching. I love to encourage and motivate others to give of their best and achieve work of a greater height than they have before. In fact I'm happy as a sand-boy if my students do well as this is when I know I am putting out my most prolific creative efforts. And at the end of the day there is great satisfaction in knowing that with possibly the help of a book of instructions I can do anything I turn my mind to. Do read Gabrielle's post as it is very thought provoking. How do you feel about your creativity?
I have been starting on small gift ideas for Christmas. The first one to be finished is a scissor holder. I am always losing my scissors or burying them under piles of fabric so I thought this could make a useful gift for my quilting friends. It is so easy to make and a wonderful way of using up odd blocks that don't have a home in a quilt. I used a 6.5 inch Nine Patch block that was left over from another project. I put wadding behind it, chose a toning backing and bagged it out putting in a hanger at the same time. I then quilted it and folded it to shape. So simple and so effective. The first of many! Blogger isn't letting me add a picture and I have to get dinner so I'll try and add it later.

Here it is!


  1. Val, Thanks for the thoughtful comments about my post. Glad you are feeling better. I always check your blog and miss when you aren't posting. I think the objective of my post was to get you thinking and to admit how driven I am. I envy you the gift of many callings....but am stuck with who I am....and have to admit I enjoy it even if it is a wee bit obsessive...VBG.

  2. Your obsession has been to our advantage Gabrielle as you have produced some wonderful work plus books and instructional DVD's. Without being driven would you have accomplished all this? You see I'm not driven and I haven't produced anything along these lines so what I'm saying is that driven is good if it has such wonderful end products. Don't stop now as I'm waiting for more from your treasure house of creativity!

  3. My creativity means the WORLD to me! It means basically time out from other areas of life and has seen me through some really quite difficult times, I still truly DO get a buzzy feeling in my head when a thought or an inspiration pops in and I feel I simply MUST at least THINK about it if not actually DO/MAKE IT!!
    I couldn't possibly *go* now! still far too much I want to try out!!
    Suspect I do far too much sitting and looking too and more than YOU I bet but I'm pleased with my creative life sew far!
    Very pleased you are recovering, I understand completely the fatigue of a debilitating condition!
    Seasons Greetings too since we're sewing FOR Christmas!!