Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another change in the weather!

It is hard to keep up with this week's weather. Today Falmouth work up to a frosty start with cars iced up and roads slippery. The sun came out and it was a cold and sunny day. So cold that when I was de-icing my car windscreen my hands became so frozen that I couldn't feel them. I was so demoralised by the cold that I bought a pair of fur lined boots when in town just to cheer me up! They are lovely! I expect I shall now live in them until April!
Again it has been a productive if mindless day. I completed the bottle carrier this morning and spent most of the afternoon getting hand out sheets ready for Friday. Then this evening I have been mindlessly making yo-yo's to sew on the bottle bag. But I am now finished. Hurray! Tomorrow I will be able to wrap up presents that need to be posted! And I quite liked the effect of the bottle carrier that I might make a small bag along the same lines but with a bit more pizzaz!


  1. Your weather sounds like ours near Chicago. We broke the record for the number of freezing rain days in one week of Dec. Today the sun was out but it has turned cold.

  2. Wow, Valeri, you have been on a mission...and amazingly productive. Love the fabric...love the boots. You are in full holiday overdrive. Stay warm!

  3. SUPER boots!
    (now all you need are handknitted SOCKS! gulp ...)

  4. Glad you all love the boots. I have given up talking about hand knitted socks. It is a painful subject! Especially as they are forecasting a white Christmas for us! And if we have a white Christmas in Falmouth then the rest of the country will be miles deep in the stuff!

  5. no, I predict lots of dark grey dreary days full of cold wind and rain, we'll all get the sniffles and the central heating will dry our skin out even more! booo! chuck something AT me, why don't you? (hopes for the super felt embellished bag! expects a large over stuffed CUSHION .. whack ..)