Sunday, December 09, 2007


Two posts in one day! Wonders will never cease! I have finished the table runner and tomorrow I will be able to finish another of the many half done pieces waiting patiently by my sewing machine. I quilted this in gold and multi gold thread though it doesn't show up in the picture. I put two threads through the needle to make it bolder! One was gold metallic and the other was gold shot with a greeny blue - very pretty!

I really didn't have enough room to photograph this properly. I made three ragged log cabin blocks and cut them back to 10" and then put a border round the three joined up of 3". And now to bed to listen to the wind. Just the night for a really creepy book at bedtime!


  1. I'm glad I started with the earlier postings! When I was scrolling down I saw this and my first thought was "oh, what synchronicity looks like the ones Gerrie has been making!" Very lovely. I need to make some too. Now to find the time.


  2. Some posts previous to this I remarked on Gerrie's table runner which she had just started and said how much I liked the idea and I just took if from there. They are so quick that only a little time is needed! Well my version is quick!