Saturday, April 05, 2008

April TIF

I've been thinking about this month's TIF challenge subject. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about this is a monthly challenge that Sharon of In a Minute Ago fame sets us. For more details hit on the link above. This month's challenge is about change; how do you view it; is it good or bad; etc etc. The first idea that came to me is that change is growth. One takes an idea or thing and by changing it makes it grow into something different or bigger. Not necessarily always a good thing! The expression that popped into my mind was 'Big Oaks from Little Acorns grow'! And then pondering this I also saw that one could change something and yet it would still have the same effect and do the same thing as previously; hence the saying Plus ça change, c'est le même chose! Hope I've got the accents right! But how do I portray these two views of 'change'? Do I amalgamate them or choose one or the other? Should it be abstract or visual? What do I do? I think a lot more thinking is necessary! If I get pushed for time I'll go with the growth in nature a la the Oak tree theme but at the moment I'm thinking round the fact that everything changes but actually stays the same! Not the easiest of subjects!


  1. LOL Val I am picturing a bunch of old people sitting under an oak tree saying "but we've NEVER done it that way.. we ALWAYS do it this way.. You people from away always want to change things!!"
    I guess that's cos I've moved to new places so many times in my life, lol.. change is resisted so much that they are like deeply rooted oak trees!!
    OK I am weird I know..

  2. That French saying is new to me, but very intersting saying. I understand your dilemma.Hope you'll sort through ideas and arrive at something soon.

  3. Hey Val, why not take the word change and let you mind twist around more than one concept. Just a thought. You know, all the definitions of chnage. Money, records on I am sailing off into ideation.

  4. I'm noting a lot of people have a much healthier attitude about change than I do. Mine is all about the negative side of change, how it makes me unsettled, feel out of control, disrupted. I avoid change whenever I can. I'd never have thought of the acorn to oak tree angle.

    Of course, "makeit" visualization of the old people sitting under that oak was just too funny and true!

    Good luck coming up with your own take on this concept.