Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sophie's wedding

My niece Sophie got married yesterday in Mawnan Church. This is a very old church on the cliffs overlooking Falmouth Bay. The weather smiled on us and the rain stayed away. There was even sun in the afternoon! The wedding was at 3pm so plenty of room for the improvement on a dull start.

This is my niece and her new husband Jon. It is going to be very confusing as she also has a brother called Jon. He will now have to be referred to as Jonathan to save confusion!

The lace over dress that Sophie is wearing is one I made for her mother, my sister, to wear at her wedding over thirty years ago. There were a few alterations such as lowering the neck and shortening the sleeves but it still looks good. Sophie was a beautiful bride and glowed with happiness. In short it was a lovely wedding. Very simple but lovely.

In contrast I felt every one of my years and could not be called glowing! I had to arrive early to get my elderly mother to the church so Martin took this photo of me. I didn't have to put it up but I liked the hat. It's not everyday that one gets to wear a hat!
My lovely Mum who will be 89 this coming November.
All in all it was a happy occasion and a great time was had by all. Unfortunately Martin had to work in the evening as it is a Bank Holiday weekend so I had no one to dance with! Boo hoo! Though my nephew took pity on me but only I think to stop my taking pictures of him! I have been busy with other things such as sewing but more of that later. I will try and be more regular in my posting now that I have more time. There has been so much going on at the same time that I was quite rushed for a while. But I have a few days holiday and will clear the decks ready for a fresh start.


  1. Nice to hear from you, we were starting to wonder if we ought to worry! the wedding pics look great, your Mum looks amazing! and you look nice too!
    Looking forward to reading about your sewing!!!

  2. Hi,
    Good to see you. Yu look lovely. Every inch a lady and just the way I remember you.
    Goed teo know you are doing fine.
    Lovely wedding and I lovely bride. And forget the groom. He looks nice to.
    Dee, Netherlands

    P.s. Is your email addy still the same?

  3. Val, you look so grand,very much a lady, and your mum has a certain twinkle in her eye. What a lovely wedding! Brings a tear!

  4. I was just thinking you were the one with a twinkle in your eye, Val! Lovely to "see" you!!

  5. Lovely wedding photos - you all look great. I was just admiring the elegant wedding gown and thinking how nice it is to see something with sleeves (brides here seem obsessed with strapless gowns) and then read that you had originally made it for your sister. It must have bought you great joy to be able to alter it and see it worn again. How special!

  6. You look absolutely superb and I would never have guessed the dress was made 30 years ago!!!
    Can you post a picture of your sister wearing the gown?
    Sandy in South Australia