Friday, May 16, 2008

More exciting things for the house!

We have had French doors put into our kitchen-diner and hasn't that made a difference. The door and window that were originally there were totally rotten and also the door had occluded glass in it which meant the garden couldn't be seen. How useful is that? Now the view of the garden is terrific and when the weather is warm we can open them out and feel as if we are in the garden itself. Magic! I am so pleased. In fact it is such a change that I keep thinking the door is open as the view is so clear and I am not used to having a view!
We were having lovely hot sunny weather but that has all changed and today it is warm but thundery. However the last two days have been quite cold. But I gave up wearing stockings or socks and refuse to go back so I have had chilly toes! Hopefully the weather will improve soon as just before it changed for the worse I bought a whole load of plants at a local nursery to put in the tubs in the back garden. And I was really hoping to do another dyeing session in the garden as well as I have more room and haven't got to worry about the floor.
A month ago I bought a mini trampoline. It is fantastic and is so energising. I try to do twenty minutes each morning and another twenty minutes in the evening. With some really good rock and roll on the CD player it isn't hard and the time goes really quickly. I am finding it is making me sleep better and lose the inches! Already my clothes are getting looser! Even Martin has a bounce each day!
Next week my class is on Disperse Dyeing so I am going to dye up some poly-cotton this weekend and also make lots of samples of various transfer painting techniques. I really love this form of dyeing as it is so easy and yet so very effective.
Pictures to come!


  1. The remodeling really opens up the room...very pretty!

    Good luck with the dyeing project.


  2. Hey, Val! I love the doors. Minou said what I'd been going to say, those doors really make the room seem so much larger. AND I wanted to tell you that I've nominated YOURS for one of my Favorite Blogs. Because you use so much color, and have so much energy, and I love your spirit. Thanks for nominating me, too. That was a big surprise! Can't wait to see how your transfer techniques turn out.