Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out driving!

On Sunday afternoon we went for a drive to Porthlevan via Helston. It was a glorious afternoon with the sun shining and the fields and hedgerows full of Spring flowers. Lovely! The pictures above are of our trip.
The first one on the left is of the first Cosmos flower to come out in my garden and nothing to do with the trip at all!The next two are of an old Georgian house in a back road in Helston. This is the old part of the town. The next one is of Porthlevan harbour. The tide was in and there were lots of boats moored there. Under the picture of the Cosmos is a picture of a brass band which was playing in front of the pub on the harbour wall. Brass bands are a common feature in Cornwall and are to be found at most events as well as in places like this. Then there is me sitting on the pier wall with the sea behind me. Lovely waves with a glorious curl to them. Future inspiration! And next is a picture of a fishing boat coming back surrounded by seagulls. Not as common a sight as it used to be! Martin found a shop which had a row of carved beach huts for sale. I would have bought one only the shop was closed! And they sell delicious icecream. Such a shame but saved me all those calories! Under the brass band are two pictures of the boating lake on the outskirts of Helston. I couldn't resist the picture of the ducks tail up in the water. Then home through Helston town this time. And views of old mining chimneys and chimneys complete with engine house. There are heaps of these all over - a most common site in this part of the world where tin mining used to be the occupation! Lovely foxgloves with views behind of the new modern windmills. Not a patch on the old windmills of yore! No soul! To me they are an alien force straight from science fiction! Views of the sea and estuary of the river Fal as we come down Mabe hill and last but not least daisies hiding in the rushes at the petrol station we stopped at near home. All in all a good afternoon's outing; much enjoyed by both of us!


  1. Looks like you a good time just riding around and site-seeing. My guy and I like to ride around on a Sunday afternoon and find interesting plants, read the historical markers and meet new people. Have a great week.

  2. Thank you for sharing the lovely collage of pictures from your drive - despite the price of gasoline, now and then it's nice to go seeing sights!

  3. Hi there.....I came across your blog today and wanted to say hello...I've just entered the world of quilting but I also am very interested in fabric dying and printing too.....lovely blog

    Rachel x

  4. Hi Val, how has your summer gone this year? working on anything at the moment, missing your super blogposts! come back and blog soon!
    Sue xxx