Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Return

Reflected Flamingoes
This hasn't been a good summer for me. I've been a bad blogger but in mitigation I haven't been well. I'm still waiting to have another X-ray and tests but I feel better so I'm sure I am better! Positive thinking!
I have been dyeing and I've put new fabric pictures up on my website as all of the old pieces have been sold. Well all bar one! I've also been getting ready to start classes again this autumn. The first class was last Friday and I have ten students which for a private class I feel is good. The project this term is appliqu├ęd fruit blocks. I've designed six plus a joining strip with trailing strawberries. Pictures to come later. They were a lot of fun to do and I have to say that some of the tips for using fabric pens I picked up from Gabrielle have come in most useful. Not only have I hand-dyed the fabrics but I've also taken a painterly approach and added highlights and extras using fabric paints and pencils. I really enjoyed this part and I hope my students do too.
Because I had so much fun with the fruit project (and it still has to be finished completely) I have decided to make a small fused item each week. This is making a rod for my back but I think it will help to focus me. And because I wanted something small that wouldn't have me losing the will to live half way through I have decided that they will be of a size to fit my small 'butler's tray' coffee table. Then I can ring the changes and show off my 'art' in my living room to all and sundry. I started with something simple and made a collage of leaves because leaves, and especially autumn leaves, are my favourite things. Again pictures later as I can't take any at the moment. And finally to add to that rod I am going to make a big effort to write in the blog once a week. Ensuring that I have something to write about will push me into completing the weekly project - I hope! So I'm looking forward to an autumn full of log fires, good books and lots of quilting and dyeing!

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  1. Here's to a better autumn, creatively speaking! Glad to have you back blogging much YUMMINESS!