Monday, September 22, 2008

This week's project!

Leaves on Mud II

Close up
This came about because of the dyeing results I got from my black dyeing exercise. I had several ideas that I had doodled with in my sketch book but when I took my fabric from the washing machine I found that some of them were not really black as the dye had split giving me lots of colours. As you may or may not know, black is not a pure colour and I had lovely streaks of yellow and bronze with hints of blue and lots of gray. In fact very little black at all. This happens and one gets the most lovely results from split colours even though they arn't what has been wanted. The photographs don't do the background fabric justice! But it was just like mud with pools of water lying on it so I decided to do another piece in the Leaf series. A little play on words with it's title as there are two leaves. The leaf fabric is also hand-dyed and overlayed with nets. The red net is from an orange bag; quite thick and chunky, and the blue net is ordinary dress net. I used a variegated thread to quilt the leaves and silver for the background. I had fun doing this but I think this week I'll move onto another subject though I'm sure I'll come back to leaves.


  1. I LOVE when black splits - it makes the most interesting fabric. In fact, I am sorry there are fewer and fewer dyes that split - some of my old ones, I am rationing. When I want black, I buy it - LOL. Mud, however, is what I get most of all. That's why I print!