Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunny Afternoon with a Stick Insect!

It has been a lovely sunny afternoon; in fact a lovely sunny weekend. So I decided to completely decimate the overgrown evergreen honeysuckle on the fence as it never flowers and is a mass of dead wood. I was pretty ruthless but am very pleased with my clear space. It gives more light on that side of the garden and more room as the plant was overhanging the border buy about two foot! While admiring my hard labour I noticed a stick insect on this late flowering rose. If it had been on the leaves I would never have seen it as they blend in so well. We had another one appear on the rosemary bush in July which was twice the size of this one but minus one leg. Where they come from I don't know and where they go to I don't know either. Are they related or have two separate individual stick insects landed here for reasons unknown. They are amazing creatures as once it moved off the pink flower it was very hard to see it especially when it moved onto the lavender bush. The warm weather is probably to its liking but what happens when it rains and is cold as it has been for most of the summer? It certainly makes gardening interesting.

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  1. yawn .. dh spent the day yesterday attacking the hedge and hacking at the lawn .. far too much like hard work for me, can I have a G+T on the patio with a good magazine instead please?
    ps are you having lovely weather too at the moment?