Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Boxes

These little boxes are so easy and quick to make. Each box takes a square of fabric bondawebbed to paper. An eight and a half inch square makes a 3" box. The size to cut for the lid is always 1/4" larger than the base. The little box above was made from 5.5 and 5.75 inch squares. Start by marking the centre by folding the sides together. Then fold each corner into the centre as shown in the diagram below.

When all the corners have been folded into the middle fold each corner up again to the crease mark already formed as shown in the picture below.

Now open up the square and cut as shown below stopping at the centre square. Only cut on one set of opposite corners.

Now fold the corner in and then fold it again. Make sure that each fold is creased well. Do this on the two sides that weren't cut.

Unfold this second fold to the first fold and crease back the edges on each side as shown in the picture below. Then fold these 'flaps' in towards each other.

Now fold the end over and crease the tip flat onto the base of the box. A dab of glue can be put under this flap to hold it in place or a square of plain paper can be placed onto the bottom of the box and glued to hold all the flaps down and make it look neat.

Here are a few of the boxes I've made and decorated. To make a box once the paper and fabric have been bonded takes about 10 minutes. To decorate can take longer as one can get carried away! I hope you have fun!


  1. These are so lovely, but I don't think I have the patience to make them in spite of your excellent instructions!

  2. Great idea. I tried the folding bit just now with a page from a journal, the trick now is to remember how to do it!

  3. are you SURE you didn't cut any bits off?
    I'm just about to blog my rather pathetic effort! do NOT laugh!

  4. Very clever! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. I've done these with Christmas cards - a great way to recycle them! I've not tried this however and it too, seems like a good way to recycle bits of fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great use of scraps and stash.
    How about a display of different sized boxes. And the thought of embellishing them---oh my, what fun.
    Thanks for the ideas and instructions.

  7. They look excellent. I've been making paper ones but didn't think about doing fabric ones.

    The table runners are v. cool too - I use the matching table mats you made me every time I have people round for dinner.


  8. Thank you for the tutorial, I think I'd like to try this.