Thursday, November 27, 2008

The End of the World

Well it really does seem like the end of the world. I went to order more fabric for dyeing today and found that my supplier has given up trading! And I have no idea where the fabric came from originally. I know he used to go and pick it up for me so it can't have been too far away but I'm here in Cornwall and he was up there in Colne or there abouts. I am gutted as it was such lovely cotton poplin, 60 inches wide, mercerised and cheap! The nearest I can find is twice as expensive! Oh woe is me! If anyone can give me the address of a good supplier of fabric for dyeing then I shall be eternally in their debt. I know about Whaleys and will probably end up using them if I don't find anyone else. Wolfin textiles are good also but again more expensive.

This is a picture to cheer myself up! It is of my Christmas Cactus which sits on our bathroom windowsill. It is an absolute picture and matches the paint on the walls. The leaves have such interesting colour variations too.


  1. Let me know if you find anyone you like, Val! I ordered some from Lunn Fabrics in the US but they don't sell pfd fabric any more, only their own batiks. What they did was fit as much fabric as they could into a Global Priority envelope (about $9) and that was about 8 metres! Yummy fabric though. The two I thought of in the UK are the ones you mention.

  2. Val, I get my poplin from JMM Marketing, I can't recommend them highly enough. Speedy turn round and no postal charges.
    Tel:- 01428 712242

    poplin is 60" wide & £3.22p/metre in the current catalogue.
    Their website was pretty basic last time I looked but who needs pretty pictures of white cotton poplin? I also buy Bondaweb from them at 36" wide plus other stuff, though the dupion silk was a bit disappointing. If you are after a glossy catalogue and a swish website though you are doomed to disappointment.