Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where is the year going?

Already thirteen days of this month have gone! The New Year isn't new any longer. Where has all this time slipped away to? I didn't make any resolutions this year; new or otherwise. I try hard but I never keep them! So this year I'm just going to continue as before but with more effort.
This year I am going to make more effort to achieve my original plans rather than making do with what is easiest. This is one of my besetting sins that I can be happy with something that isn't what I actually wanted. With regard to life this is probably a blessing but when it comes to my textile work it means that I am never getting the most out of my endeavours. But all that is going to change. I'm going to set myself challenges and then I'm going to follow through to the bitter end. However long it takes! This isn't a resolution it's an extension!
So far this year I have managed to finish several UFO's which has cleared the decks and I am well into another UFO at the moment. Soon they will all be finished and it is amazing how uncluttered my mind is becoming as my workroom clears of piles of unfinished stuff. I tried clearing out some of my cupboards but found I just couldn't bring myself to re-home(sell, give or throw) anything. It has got to the stage where most of my stuff, cluttered or not, is now useable. If not now then definitely useable in the future. I do have to decide as to what direction I want to go in and only keep stuff relevant to that. Maybe a few things that don't fit any category but not box loads.
And I am setting aside time for thinking! Quiet periods for reflection will enable me to plan my time better and work out ideas so that they can be excuted in the best possible way. As well it will allow me to dream! Dreams mean designs so can't be bad!

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  1. I can't believe its nearly over either! At this time I am trying to have quiet moments to reflect and one thing I'm aiming to do is READ more! plus its great to relax with a book!