Saturday, December 27, 2008

All over for another year!

This is my Mum enjoying Boxing Day lunch with us and a couple of friends. It's amazing to think she will be 90 this coming year! It was a lovely relaxed affair after the rush of Christmas Day! Even with just me, Martin and Mum, Christmas Day seemed very fraught though lovely. In fact this Christmas has been one of the best for me. I was spoilt rotten and had a great time. As I hope did everyone else at our house!

On Christmas Day we had a chicken, leek and cheese sauce pie which I decorated with the words 'Happy Christmas'. It was delicious (I don't suffer from false modesty!) and was so easy to do compared with turkey and all the trimmings and to follow the main course we had Christmas pudding which I'm afraid I bought this year and trifle. The best trifle I've ever made for some reason. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the trifle! So all in all a fantastic two days.

I tried to show the brandy alight in this picture but it just didn't take. But the pudding was delicious. In fact I don't think I have ever been successful in taking a picture of a flaming pudding!

This is one of the fruit appliqu├ęs that I have been doing. Just so you know it is a stem with gooseberries. The sweet dessert kind! I used 'twinkle' over the green to show the undersides of the leaves and it worked really well. I have really had fun doing these and have another two or three still to do to complete the set. I'm thinking of doing blackberries and perhaps melons or bananas.
Today I went into Falmouth with my friend Sue and we had a great time at the Marks and Spencer's sale. I was able to find several things to augment my wardrobe. It was sad going into Woolworth's for the last time. Our branch closes on Tuesday. The end of an era. When I was a child I used to buy printed table linens and embroidery silks and embroider items for the great aunts and the grandparents! Ah those were the days. All my presents for ten bob! Amazing! I can only have been about six or seven but some of the embroideries were quite complicated I remember. Do children still embroider at that age? Anyway today I was able to buy six screwdrivers for a £1 and two candles in glass containers for another £1. Still good value! A pity it couldn't make it's centenary!

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