Saturday, August 13, 2011


The weather forecast shows sun all day today but what did I wake up to but rain and now it's raining again! It's not fair! It's Saturday! And a fly I thought I'd swotted has now come to life again and is annoying me considerably by buzzing behind the curtain against the window! I can see it is going to be one of those days!

The radishes Graeme planted a few days ago are up and running and really need thinning out. If the rain could stop for a moment I will go and do it. Fortunately the men who have changed our black guttering and downpipes for white ones have been and gone before the rain stopped play. The front of the house does look smart now! 

I've given all my knitting needles away to a friend so I won't be tempted ever again to do any knitting. This will save me so much money as I would get carried away, buy wool and then abandon the project half way through because I am not a natural born knitter. Not even an aquired knitter. My skills are zilch! Just as well I can sew! 
I have been designing the next sampler quilt for the autumn's classes. I am using EQ6 which I find really good and it has been fun. Now all I have to do is choose some fabrics and make it! Easier said than done! The fabric choice should be easy but when has one had just what one wanted regardless of however many fabrics one has. Certainly not me....not even with all that dyeing. Well I will have fun rummaging and finding things I thought lost or given away. That is the best bit! 

Love the patterns that one finds on old gravestones. A lovely source of quilting patterns! 

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  1. oh dear! we had same problemwith rain too! the other day JUST got my washing out .. rain! HUGE black cloud appeared .. bah!
    this summer has been a washout generally weatherwise I think?
    I am SEW sorry about the KNITTING! bah! BUT agree, too many interests do bring about expense and clutter and with the time we have available, better spent on what we ENJOY as well as what we'll FINISH.

    I gave all my knitting stuff bar a collection of needles from latemum/grandma away when I thought I'd "stopped" in favour of sewing and when I resumed, initially wished I'd not - BUT a whole new opportunity to buy NEW! hurrah. back to the EXPENSE again.
    oh! btw : LOVE radishes! could just munch on them! hope they are nice and peppery!
    Sue xxx