Sunday, August 21, 2011


It was a lovely day so we went to Trevarno Gardens near Helston. I have been before but Graeme hadn't. The gardens, grounds and woodland walks at Trevarno are supposed to date back to the 1200's but the present house is Georgian in style. 

This is my favourite part of the estate. The lake with boat house. A very restful spot watching the dragonflies and the fish, small brownies, in the water. 

The Italian garden is of modern design having been formed only at the end of the last century. In previous centuries this had been a lawned area but it is extremely attractive even if it isn't so old! The roses were lovely and there is an old bit of stone work at the far end which enhance it! 

 Wherever one goes in Cornwall one sees Monbretia! It is so common and yet a colourful and attractive plant. 

And of course we had to have a cream tea. No Sunday afternoon on an outing would be complete without the scones, cream and raspberry jam! It was delicious! 

While we were eating the peacocks which were in a scraggy state of moulting were eyeing our every mouthful. They were so tame! 

We also went and saw the reindeer which come to Trevarno for their summer holidays! It was really too hot for them today and most of them were in the shade in their shed. 

And odd as it may seem I have already designed and made the sampler for our packs of Christmas shapes which includes reindeer! 

In fact a thoroughly enjoyable day! Then home to enjoy the sun in the back garden with an iced drink of elderflower cordial! Delicious! 


  1. Clotted cream? I love clotted cream!

  2. I'd send you some only it would have gone off by the time you got it!

  3. My mother grew up in Perranporth, so clotted cream is part of the family history.

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