Monday, September 05, 2011

Crazy Patchwork. Reprise!

When I first started my website Farne Designs my main focus was on Crazy Patchwork and I produced several packs of fabric, beads, ribbons, etc for sale. Each pack was capable of providing sufficient materials for a large or several small crazy patchwork blocks. I even included a marked background piece for the fabrics to be sewn onto. These were very popular and I did about ten different types of pack such as Fire (mainly reds), Sea and Shore, Elegance (black and white) and Sunset (blues and pinks) to name but a few. For some reason I stopped doing these... I don't remember why now but I am going to start producing them again in the hopes that they will still appeal to Crazy Patchworkers. 

We are starting off with five different packs. There will be Fire, Sunset, Elegance,Sea and Shore and Roses. (See picture above) I love making up these packs as I get to play with fabric (mostly silks), beads, buttons, threads, ribbons, lace and braids.  

The block above is one I did some time ago as one of many for a quilt. This was a 6 1/2 inch block which is handy for carrying around and stitching in odd moments. Such a relaxing past-time!

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  1. "packs" are definitely a good idea and I def. think you should revise these and offer them esp. if they are colour themed - makes it dead easy-peasy!
    One thing I find particularly difficult is putting stuff "together" eg colours - although I feel I'm "creative" and have sufficient "skill" to perform the techniques I do lack confidence in this one area and I bet (hope!? gulp!) I'm not the only one!
    Sue xx