Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rinsey Head

It was a blustery but sunny day today so we went to Rinsey Head on the south coast for a meander along the cliffs. The wind was really strong and it was scary at times on the cliff tops. However the only casualty was the loss of one of my earrings when my waterproof hood was whipped off by the wind. Sad because Graeme gave me them on our wedding day! I shall have the remaining one made into a locket on a chain. Anyway back to Rinsey. This area was mined in the previous centuries and there are mine shafts and engine houses along the cliff tops and in the cliffs themselves.

This rocky outcrop reminded me of a meerkat looking out to sea.

This photo above shows the mine openings in the cliffs. They are now all blocked up for safety's sake but when I was a child it was possible to explore some of them. The openings are enormous! 

After all that walking up and down the cliff tops we eventually arrived at Prah or Praa sands. The spelling of the place name changes constantly! So it is either pronounced with a long or short a depending on the spelling you use. And I didn't feel at all guilty at having a cream tea! I still had to walk a couple of miles back to the car so I was allowed! Graeme had pasty and chips!  

Fascinating mushrooms. Really large and with a nob on top of the cap. I think if you click on the picture you will get a larger version and will be able to see the detail. They were on the edge of this mine shaft (below) which was fenced off for safety's sake. There were notices warning of mine shafts and there were several depressions in the gorse and bracken which were probably shafts and to be avoided!  

I am always amazed at the things I see when out walking and to see this large pampas grass swaying in the wind in the middle of bracken and gorse in the middle of nowhere was another amazing sight. 

This is the coastal path with Prah Sands in the background. It was really quite steep and I was glad we hadn't had any rain recently or else it would have been very slippery. 

On the way home we stopped off at Porthleven and had a wander around. It was exciting watching the surfers and wind surfers braving the heavy surf. They were very close to the rocks at times but managed not to come a cropper. The photo below is looking away from the town out to sea beyond the clock tower. The one below that is looking towards the town and harbour. 



  1. those are lovely photo's! I enjoy a good walk too and imagine the cliff top would be a fascinating place to look for inspiration in "colour" too. with my luck I'd be shrieking over something yummy trip, break my leg and in the process grab something prickly and end up in a helicopter but it would be worth it to put some heathery tones together for a nice fairisle pair of mitts? ;-)
    oh! MUST start accepting need to wear GLASSES! misread and thought Graham was enjoying PASTRY and chips ..
    sue x

  2. Wind and the wellies talks about stones in pockets wind - but your gone earring sounds frightening. Perhaps you'll find it if you walk that way again?

    Pampas grass is frightening in a different way. Invasive!