Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We are off to Rannoch tomorrow for a week's holiday. I'm really looking forward to a week of chilling out and renewing my energy! There will be plenty of walking and fishing. I may even catch a fish! We went last year and it is a lovely spot. What I'm not looking forward to is the twelve hour journey!

I found a lovely tripod to use with my camera in a charity shop for £5! So I am going to become a dedicated photographer this trip and try and get some good pictures of the local wildlife. Last year I was lucky enough to see an Osprey and a hare. Two creatures that we don't see a lot of in Cornwall. Who knows, this year I may even get to see an eagle!

I'm taking some crazy patchwork to do in the evenings as hand embroidery is so restful. And lots of books! I have a great book on Culloden to read which I think is fairly topical for the area!

The weather is supposed to be hot all over the country which poses a problem of what clothes to take as in the past I have found it exceptionally cold in Scotland at this time of the year! At least we are going by car so I can throw in my whole wardrobe if necessary!

Pictures when I get back!


  1. umm don't take your sundress and flip flops, I hear its going to SNOW! bah!!
    have a great week away and look forward to seeing the photos!
    (we're much cooler today and looks like rain but am hopeful can get the washing dry on the line at least!)
    planning to knit some cosy handwarmers this weekend - LOVE the autumn!
    Sue x

  2. Seeing what the weather was like I bet that that was such a relaxing holiday. I can't think of anything better than sitting down chilling out doing something that you love in a relaxing atmosphere.