Sunday, October 09, 2011

Back Home Again!

Had a lovely break in Rannoch even though it was wet most of the time! However it was much warmer than I expected which was a bonus! Here are a selection of photos in no particular order. Starting with more fungi for the album!

The next two pictures are from the small chapel in the ruined church of St Bride at Blair Castle. This was a most interesting ruin! The first burial of John Graham was in 1689! And the second one two hundred years later! 

The memorial stone related to the graves above!
This is Blair Castle where we spent a most interesting day.  

 This is a view of Loch Rannoch from our apartment. Schiellian is the pointed mountain in the background. It is one of the Munro's. I have yet to climb it! There was a lot of wind while we were in Scotland and the Loch was as rough as Swanpool on a bad day! 

One day we walked up to the ruined village of Annat. This had been quite a large and thriving village until the clearances in the 1800's! It was quite impressive. We then walked on and round doing a circular route of about 7 or 8 miles. It was blowing a gale and raining and by the time we got back to the apartment I was exhausted...feeble thing that I am! 

This picture of heather is for Sue! She will know why! 

This small castle is in the middle of the Loch and the story goes that a clan chief built it to keep his wife in! 

The burns were in full flood after all the rain. This is the one that runs down the hill side in the village.The day after I took the first picture it poured and there was even more water rushing down.  

And last but not least for today ...I woke up one morning to see these two sheep peering into our bedroom window (large French doors)which was quite a shock. They appeared regularly after that!


  1. super pictures, looks like you had a terrific time, does your dh "mind" (or notice!?) that you take pics for inspiration too!
    I had a spell of fascination with bricks and pavements and my dh kept wondering WHY I was taking shots of the FLOOR and once while pondering over an iron gate I noticed the curtains twitching from within the property and had to be dragged away smartly!!
    Love the sheepy tale! too bad couldn't smuggle home in your car - for their FLEECES!
    Sue xx

  2. Seems you just missed snow in Scotland?