Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We are off to Malvern tomorrow for the quilt exhibition there. I'm really looking forward to it as I've found the last two shows we did great fun as well as meeting all sorts of people and putting faces to names. As I write Graeme is starting to pack up the car. It is always difficult getting everything in, especially making sure every inch of space is used!    If push comes to shove then it will be my clothes that get cut back! This time we have more fabric and more packs and patterns so it will be even more of a squeeze.

We are going to get a mobile home as it will not only give us more room but also will double as living accommodation for the three nights we are away at shows. I can't wait! As soon as Malvern is over we will start looking. In fact lately much of my life has become 'after Malvern' so I am going to be really busy when I get back. Hopefully it won't pour with rain tomorrow! We are staying at a place called The Wyche Inn which is very suitable for a gig so close to Halloween! I'm taking a witches's hat just in case! lol

Should you go to the show do come and say hello!


  1. I'm so disappointed not to be able to make it! I've got tickets for Fibre Flurry this weekend and can't believe the clash! but I do hope it is a good show for you and fingers crossed for the weather! will look forward to hearing all about it, I hope its a good show for you craft/sales wise! Sue x
    ps will do write up on fibre flurry

  2. how did it go? I thought about you! Fibre Flurry was great fun - I went with my knit-pal-Sally and bought loads! I've updated my blog with pics of my purchases. how was Malvern for you?
    Sue x

  3. Was sorry not to meet up with you Sue but glad you had a good time at Fibre Flurry. Will go and have a look at your blog! Malvern was very good!
    Val xx