Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Malvern was fantastic and I would have written about it sooner only no sooner had I arrived home than I was struck down with a heavy cold which is still refusing to give up the ghost and go away! Not fair! 

We hadn't been to Malvern before and were blown away by the view over the valley from out room at the Wyche Inn. Unfortunately I only took pictures of the sunset which was incredible! I can highly recommend this inn for a visit to the area. The food was amazing and I put on pounds just looking at it! And what was even better was that it was only a fifteen minute drive to the show ground. 
We had fun at the show and I was pleased to see that the Crazy Patchwork packs all went. Eleven years ago I started selling packs for crazy patchwork which included all one needed and they were very popular. Then over time I gave up on them but now I am finding that they are just as popular. Also the light to dark packs of cotton fat quarters also walked off the stand. Very pleasing. 

And I had to wander round and see what everyone else was doing. It was very tempting and I had to restrain myself from using all the profits to buy more stuff! There were some lovely quilts on display. Beautiful eye candy! 
So all in all a good show!

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  1. your stand looked lovely! what sort of show is it? I've not been before but as its nearly-local I'd definitely go and was as you know, disappointed at the clash this year with Fibre Flurry. Sue x