Friday, November 25, 2011

Little bags

I am using up scraps of silk ribbon to make little sachets like these to put lavender and rose petals in. I think that not only would they make good little gifts but one could also hang them on the Christmas tree!  The biggest problem I have is a lack of time! But they are very quick and easy to make that I am sure I'll find the odd half hour to make a few.

There is exactly a month to go before Christmas Day and I haven't done very much preparation for it at all. I have lots of ideas but that is about it. I have sent the grandchildren Fenella and Fred their advent calendar and they love it so that is good!

The weather is at long last getting a touch of winter about it. Colder at night and more windy as evidenced by the waves on the beach! 

There are still lots of seed heads in the garden and the leaves are still on the oak tree so winter isn't here quite yet. In fact Graeme finds it so much warmer down here than Scotland that he is still wearing shorts! Now I am into jumpers and woolly scarves feeble person that I am!

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  1. When I was at UCT we locals used to laugh at 'Rhodesians' who wandered around in winter (Cape Town gets cold and wet, sometimes snow on the mountains) in SHORTS!