Monday, November 28, 2011

Always something to do!

I have been tidying up to make more space! It is a very therapeutic thing to do! And in the course of the tidying up I found this half started quilt top. I could see why it wasn't finished as it lacked pizazz! So I added to it. Here in pictures are the steps so far. 

I decided to add butterflies to give it more interest.  And I put blue circles around the centre circle.

It still looked a bit bleak so I put extra circles into the centre circles. However this still didn't quite give it the feeling I was looking for.
So I added markings to the butterflies. This was much better and I decided to leave it at that. I will now layer it up with wadding and a muslin backing and then quilt it. The quilting and stitching will transform it....I hope!

I shall post more pictures of the quilt as it progresses! The butterflies were all fused on as were the small circles on their wings and in the middle fabric circle. The original piece of work was a version of Drunkards Path and was very quick and easy to do! 


  1. Will you quilt the actual butterflies? That would pizazz!

  2. OH wow! You know how to liven it up! Love what you are doing so far!