Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Sad Day!

Well my lovely Renault 25 txe has gone to the big scrap graveyard in the sky! In the end I scrapped it as the locks all jammed and it would have been as expensive to get them fixed as to the amount of money I'd get selling it. And the scrap man did give me some money for it so it's not all bad! But I will have the lovely new motor home to play with soon!

I think I have finally cracked how to use the Slice Fabrique. The secret is to use a brayer when putting the fabric onto the plate. This really helps bond the fabric with the spray glue on the plate. And also to make sure that the transfer adhesive is well and truly ironed on. Having said that I can truthfully say that I am now having 99% success. There is the occasional screw up but this is down to operator error on the whole. I've just cut out a set of numbers for an advent calendar and they went like a dream! So perseverence pays! And a new design card arrived today which is not particularly for the Slice Fabrique but for the ordinary Slice which is designed for paper and stuff. To my delight the Slice Fabrique cut out some really funky curly letters with no problem even though they were narrow and twirly! This new card has loads of stuff for Christmas so I will be playing with it as soon as I get a spare moment! Spare moment? What's a spare moment!!!!

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