Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow we collect our new motor home! As well as being very excited I am also quite nervous as I haven't driven anything this size for quite a while! I think the actual driving on the road will be fine. It is the reversing into our drive way next to the house that is the problem. It isn't the easiest of places to access and with no back window could prove to be a very testing time! Fingers crossed! 

Today has been lovely and sunny! And I've actually seen a person swimming in the sea and they didn't have a wet suit on! It is incredible that tomorrow is the first of December and we haven't got the heat on yet! Long may it continue! While the weather is like this long walks around the coast are on the agenda before the paths become muddy and impassable. Before we know it Christmas will be upon us. As usual I am in a mild panic about Christmas presents but as happens most years I expect all will be well on the day!  

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