Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday afternoon walk

It is becoming a habit going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon! But a good one. However this one didn't include a cream tea or any tea at all! How bad is that!

We walked round Argal Reservoir as this was something neither of us had done and it seemed like a good idea. There is only coarse fishing done on Argal so no fly fishing for trout! It was a lovely afternoon with a bit of wind and some sun. However the weather forecast had predicted lots of rain so that wasn't bad. There is a round walk around the lake which we did and it took about an hour or so with a sit down to admire the view about half way round. I took my camera so was able to take some pictures. 

The reservoir is very low and the old walls could be seen. The mud is dried and cracked but still very squishy! 

Very autumnal with lots of fungi under the trees.

This was the closest I could get to the heron as it kept flying away as I approached it. I do like heron even though they catch the fish but they arn't as much as a problem as the cormarants! They were sitting on exposed tree stumps like the three witches except there were four of them!  

More fungi and lots of berries in the hedgerows. The blackberries are not so good this year not having had enough rain to plump them up! Very pippy! 

A view over the lake as the sun was setting. 

Lots of little streams running into the lake but not enough to fill it up! There is something very relaxing about the sound of running water!

Next Sunday we will be in Scotland on Loch Rannoch!

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  1. my sil and her dh go for regular "proper walks" NE and Scotland I think, mostly. I enjoy walking but we rarely go anywhere nice or inspiring - maybe we ought? great idea to take a camera though!
    Sue xx