Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silk Ribbon

I've just had a delivery of 1350 metres of silk ribbon! So at least I will have plenty to keep me occupied over the Christmas break. Because I have been asked to do some classes on silk ribbon embroidery we have decided to add hand-dyed silk ribbon to the website. I love dyeing silk ribbon as it looks so gorgeous when it is done and it is wonderful for embroidering flowers. Go here to see some examples. I shall do plain  and multi-coloured ribbons. I am not sure whether to sell in 3 metre lenghts or 5 metre lengths. Which would be the most useful? I'm doing two widths - 4mm and 7mm, as these I think are the most often used. If you have any ideas on this do leave me a comment. It will be gratefully received!

One more day and I will officially be on holiday! I have eleven days off this year and don't go back to my part-time day job until the New Year. I have great plans for getting a lot done, including the silk ribbon dyeing, but often I find life gets in the way and not nearly as much is achieved as one wants! I really do need to have a blitz on the workroom as it is getting almost impossible to find a clear place to work on! I do this periodically though not as often as I should and I am always amazed at what I find! This makes the whole exercise more than worthwhile. However when everything is tidied and organised I then forget where things are so we are back to square one! Its a vicious circle! I think some serious New Year resolutions are called for here!


  1. Today there was much frantic scrabbling thru too many drawers. Life also distracted me from the straw stars I was going to make in November. Oh well there's always next year.