Tuesday, February 07, 2012


The show at Ardingly at the end of January was very good. I'm glad it was the weekend before last as the weather was cold but OK whereas this weekend that's just gone, it snowed in the South East quite heavily and I wouldn't have enjoyed the drive home at all. As it was it snowed slightly as we came over the Blackdown Hills but I was able to cope! 

Unfortunately upon arriving home I became quite sick and was in bed for several days. I think it was something I picked up at the show as several people had been complaining of feeling unwell! And hot air systems although brilliant in cold weather are good for passing bugs around indiscriminately.  However all is well now and I am on the mend bar a few relapses. 

The quilts on display were amazing. Such a variety. I meant to take some pictures but never found the time. In fact I meant to take pictures of lots of things but time got in the way! 

I have been very impressed with the Simplicity bias tape maker. A friend wanted me to get her one at the show if I saw one. Well I got her one and now wish I'd got one for me as it is very good and I can see how useful it could be. Look here and you can see a very good video. I did treat myself to a rotary blade sharpener. 
And very good it is too! 

Our next show will be Exeter at the end of March. There is a lot to be done as I want to introduce small silk ribbon kits. So it will be busy, busy, busy!  


  1. sorry it made you ill, hope you are feeling better now xx

  2. I "should" say thanks for the link! but I don't think dh would be thanking you! saw squillions of things I might like to order! lol!
    Hope are feeling better now? we've escaped anything too horrid this winter, although the family have had normal cough/colds I've been lucky to not catch ANYTHING!
    Sue x