Saturday, June 09, 2012

Bags of fun!

I love making bags! I have more bags than I know what to do with but still I make more. Occasionally I'll give one away and they also make good presents. Today I have made two loop bags. I don't know whether I like them but what I do know is that if I make another one I won't use any stiffening between the lining and the outer bag pieces. In these I used iron on Vilene and I think the bags are too stiff. Usage will tell in the end! 

I love pockets so I put pockets across one side for things such as mobile phone and keys. 
 This is one side of the larger bag. I modified the edges on this as I found with the smaller bag the opening on the edge wasn't easy to get neat at the join.
 This is the bag looped and closed, showing the other side with three flowers. I think if it wasn't stiffened it would hang better.

 This is the small bag which hasn't been modified and does not curve at the top of the side seam.
Other side of the small bag. 
This is the small bag looped closed. I like this small bag as it just fits over the wrist and would be good for the evening. 

I have a new book which was given me by a friend for my birthday. It is all about bag making! It is called 'A Bag for all Reasons' by Lisa Lam. It is great and I'm going to have fun working through the patterns. I also have to say that Lisa Lam is great for bag findings! Click on her name to go to her site. You won't regret it!


  1. I love bags too, especially for small knit projects.
    THANKS for the bag making link ! I have been looking for a source for bag "feet" and this lady sells them!
    I am planning to sew some bags using my new book and fab bargain laminated cottons!
    Sue xx

  2. Bags rule! Glad you found the link helpful Sue! Will look on your blog for pics of the bags you make!