Saturday, May 27, 2006

All go!

It has been a busy week as not only was it Martin's 60th birthday on Tuesday but also it was the last week of term for me. So a lot going on. We went out for a scrumptious meal on the Tuesday evening with our friends Sue and Matt and a good time was had by all. The food was out of this world amazing and it was served on beautifully shaped plates. I forgot to take photos of the starters but this was what I had. I started with sushi followed by sea bass (picture) with asparagus on a bed of baby new potatoes and peppers with a delicious sauce and then a superb butterscotch mousse with bananas,cream and chocolate. Very yummy and totally decadent. I then went out the next day and bought a 'salsacise' DVD to get in the mood for exercising and losing the extra weight!

Then I had to dye fabric for my students as it was the last class until September. The summer stretches ahead of me but it is amazing how quickly time will pass. I have all sorts of plans but I know very few of them will actually come to fruition. But some of them will have to be done. In September as well as running my usual patchwork and quilting class for thirty weeks I am also offering sixteen mini workshops - one a fortnight. These will cover all sorts of subjects from Christmas decorations to using oil pastels and paintstiks on fabric. A very eclectic set. I'm really looking forward to doing them and will get myself organised with samples and handouts over the summer plus classroom notes so that I am ready to go. The centre have purchased some digital projectors so I'm also hoping to have access to one for my classes and hopefully a camcorder so that I can use that for demonstration work. However the main thing now is to organise some tuition time so that I know how to actually use these pieces of equipment! Digital equipment is now so useful for teaching purposes and I want to make as good a use of it as I can.
If the weather had been warm and sunny I am sure my garden would be now growing apace. However it has been inordinately wet and very cold as well as having strong winds. So nothing is doing very much at all. I'm just hoping we get some sun soon. May has been a miserable month compared to its usual weather patterns. I hope June is better.
I'd like to wish all the English/Welsh readers a very good Bank Holiday weekend. I don't have anything against the Scots or Irish but I don't think they get this holiday! I could be wrong as it used to be the Whitson bank holiday before the powers that be messed around with it. I'm sure someone will tell me!

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  1. Hello Val,

    that dessert looks yummy, and so does the dyed fabric!